Day 29: Packaging You Love

As far as individual products are concerned, I adore the packaging for Urban Decay’s Dangerous Palette.  I love the snake and paisley patterns used all over the palette and the metallic foil details.  It’s sturdy, too, so I’m not too worried about banging up the eyeshadows.

Another two favorites are the packaging for the Kat Von D and tokidoki lines at Sephora.  They’re awesome injections of alternative style in the otherwise ubiquitous glitz and glamor atmosphere of higher-end makeup.  While I dig Kat Von D specifically because the hard-rock aesthetic is just so “me”, I love tokidoki specifically because it’s so cute and different from mainstream cosmetics branding.  I wear makeup to have fun and stand out, so I love it when a brand does the same with its packaging.

What’s your favorite makeup packaging?

One Response to “Day 29: Packaging You Love”
  1. Iris says:

    I planning to pick up a Kat Von D eye primer and the tokidoki bird inspired items as I like the packaging.

    For the items I have, I love Hello Kitty’s graffiti palette. I don’t wear blush and the kind sales associate at Sephora taught me how to apply it. I got the graffiti palette as I love art and graffiti, and I liked the way the packaging looked. I lucked out, as they’re all one of a kind random designs and mine came with a logo on it. I plan on finally using it in the new year.

    Happy New Year to you!

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