Darling Girl Cosmetics Eyeshadow Swatches (Plus My Custom Shadow!)

Darling Girl Cosmetics is definitely one of my favorite indie companies. It’s a real shame I didn’t try them sooner, when I had more money to spend on makeup!  Ah well.  Either way, I recently requested a custom eyeshadow from Susan (who is a total sweetheart) and I’m excited to share it with you today!  You can also consider it a sneak peek, since Susan asked if she could incorporate my shadow into an upcoming collection. :)

But first, some eyeshadow swatches from the rest of the order:

Darling Girl Swatches: Spellbound, London Calling, Fire Inside, Hoity Toity, Beso De La Muerte, Big Bang, Thistle

Color Descriptions:

  • Spellbound – Smoky gray-purple base with pink shimmer and bright magenta sparkles.
  • London Calling – Wow, just look at this! It has a dark indigo base with a strong reddish-pink shift. Take a look at the detail photos I have below, as it’s hard to capture the complexity of this shade.
  • Fire Inside – Another ‘wow’ shade. This is an amazing satin burnt-red with a brownish undertone and bright pops of gold glitter.
  • Hoity Toity – Medium, muted near-matte red with subtle glimmers.
  • Beso De La Muertes – Really unusual shade, it’s hard to describe.  It looks like a brownish-gray with blackened undertones, a pink-silver sheen, and bright purple glitter.
  • Big Bang - Warm olive gold with gold sparkle.
  • Thistle – Eeee, I love taupes like this. A lovely, velvety near-matte gray-taupe with a sprinkling of silver glimmers.

Darling Girl Swatches: Scarab, Sultry Siren, Beau Monde, Socialite, Black Day, Mean Streets of Pasadena

Color Descriptions:

  • Scarab (GWP) – This is a GWP shade, so sadly it’s no longer available.  A warm shimmery brown with a sea-green shift.
  • Sultry Siren – Murky green with a pink shift.
  • Beau Monde – That ugly swatch up there doesn’t do this shade justice. Gray with blue and purple shimmer, it’s much prettier in real life.
  • Socialite – You’ll want to get this shade if you love eye-popping blues. Royal blue with a strong aqua shift overlay.
  • Black Day - Blackened navy with blue shimmer.
  • Mean Streets of Pasadena – Here’s my custom shade! :) I’ll talk about it more below.

I’ve been looking for the perfect blurple/indigo eyeshadow since forever.  When I caught sight of this nail polish at Temptalia, I knew exactly what I wanted to request from Susan.  Mean Streets of Pasadena is the perfect mix of royal blue and purple with lots of blue and purple sparkles. Susan did a fantastic job of nailing this one and I couldn’t be more pleased.  It pops best over a sticky base. :)

One Response to “Darling Girl Cosmetics Eyeshadow Swatches (Plus My Custom Shadow!)”
  1. Sarah says:

    Oooh, I NEED London Calling and I have the same obsession with indigo… I hope I’ll be able to purchase this shade ! Gorgeous !

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