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Revlon ColorBurst Lipgloss Review and Swatches (Sizzle)

HG material? HG material.

I’ve never been much of a liquid lipgloss person, so even though the stunning hot-red color of Sizzle called out to me the first time I passed the Escapism by Gucci Westman display, I didn’t feel too compelled to buy it. I later went back and grabbed it during a 40% off sale after seeing a few reviews of it.

Sizzle ($7.49 for 0.2 oz) looks like an eye-popping orange with red undertones in the tube, but don’t be intimidated. It goes on as more of a semi-opaque wash of orangey color, which is great for those of you who want to try the Tangerine Tango trend, but can’t wear bolder orange shades. It has a very glossy, shiny finish.

(Note: it’s warmer than it appears in these photos.)

I won’t lie, I’m pretty deeply in love with this color.  I reach for it all the time. I’m not one to shy away from bright orange-red lips, but I like this gloss as a middle ground between no lipcolor and full-on lipstick.

The formula is smooth, lightweight, and non-sticky with a sort of synthetic vanilla scent. It feels nice on the lips and moisturizes like a boss. I don’t get a whole lot of wear out of this gloss — maybe 2-3 hours at most, but I usually only wear gloss when I’m out with friends (and talking/eating) so that may contribute to the short longevity.

I really love the packaging of the ColorBurst glosses. The design is classy and I love the way this particular shade seems to glow in the tube. The applicator is flat and paddle-shaped. I find it pretty easy to use.

Though Sizzle is launching with the Gucci Westman collection, it isn’t a limited edition shade. I’ve already seen it (and the rest of the Escapism glosses) in the permanent racks at Target. Thank the beauty gods!  I totally have my eye on the Sunbaked gloss from the same release, because if its tangerine sister is any indication, I’m going to love it too.

The Verdict:

This gloss is a total win for me. It has a great formula, packaging, and color. You get a ton of gloss in the tube. I would totally pay full price for it, but the fact that it’s Revlon (and Rite Aid seems to do 40% off Revlon sales often) means that I probably won’t ever have to.


  • The formula is moisturizing and comfortable to wear on the lips, with a lightweight, non-sticky feel.
  • I like the semi-opaque coverage. The pigmentation isn’t weak and it can be built up a bit.
  • The packaging is solid and aesthetically appealing.
  • The tube will last you forever.


  • The formula has a synthetic vanilla sort of scent, but it doesn’t bother me terribly. It doesn’t linger after application.


  • N/A

Final Grade:


Would I buy again? Yes!

Where can I get it? Target has it in its permanent racks. You can also find it in the LE Escapism displays in many drugstores.

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