Okay, so these aren’t exactly frequently asked, but might as well.

What is your comment policy?

All comments from new e-mail addresses go through WordPress’ automatic filter, meaning I must manually approve them before they show up on the site.  Once I have approved a comment from you, they will start displaying automatically after you submit them.

Certain types of comments will not be posted:

  • Offensive, trolling, or otherwise derogatory remarks.  The beauty community has a needlessly large amount of mean, catty attitudes and that won’t be tolerated here. It’s fine if you disagree with one of my opinions, but try to be civil about it.
    • Likewise, I have little patience for “glittermobbing” (when staunch fans of a company bash a blogger, often en masse, for daring to write something negative) or rabid fanboy/girlism in any form.
  • Spam or blatant advertising.

I reserve the right to decide which comments get posted.

Why do you modify posts after they were published?

I reserve the right to edit any posts on my blog for any reason — after all, it’s my blog.  However, it’s mainly done to update a review after using a product more thoroughly, and finding that there’s some important information to add to the review. (e.g. I write a review saying an eyeliner doesn’t smudge. However, after a couple of days more of using the eyeliner, I find that it does smudge under certain circumstances. In this case, I will amend the review.)

I will never edit a review because a company or company owner can’t take the heat of criticism.

How do you do your swatches?

Eyeshadows are swatched over a number of indie primers, including Detrivore Cosmetics primer in Original, My Beauty Addiction Shadow Poxy, and Kiss My Sass Matte Primer in Ivory.  Currently, I swatch over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy.

I use a plain old point-and-shoot camera and Photoshop for lighting/color correction. I use a small light tent and an overhead lamp to help maintain lighting consistency.

Can I link to your posts?


Can I use your swatch or product photos?

Yes, on the conditions that you notify me (my e-mail is below; you can also reach me on Twitter), leave the watermark intact, and link to my blog.  Companies that wish to use my photos in product listings/Facebook pages etc. are more than welcome to on the grounds that they adhere to the same terms of use.

Why are you “Jet” in some places and “Ivy” in others?

I used to use “Jet” as a pen name. I have now switched over to using “Ivy”, my real name.

Why don’t you post pictures of your face or makeup looks?

I don’t like posting pictures of myself on the Internet. I’ve always enjoyed a separation between my offline life and my online activities, ever since I started heavily using the Internet almost ten years ago.  Plus, I did a lot of research on the nature of privacy and permanent memory on the Internet for a paper one semester, and what I learned was enough to cement my decision forever!

There’s also the fact that this blog skews much more towards the product review side than the EoTD/FoTD side.  I don’t feel much of a need to post my photos if all I’m doing is talking about products I like (or don’t like).  Oh, and I’ve tried taking photos of a couple of the eye looks I liked more. I’ve yet to figure out the magical combination of camera settings that makes them look good.

Some of the products you call “high-end” aren’t exactly high-end…

For me, high-end is almost anything that isn’t a drugstore, budget, or indie product. Think what you’d purchase at Sephora, a department store, or one of those specialty boutiques with dazzling interiors and salespeople in impeccable uniforms.  I don’t think I’ll ever be in a place where a $15 eyeshadow is considered a cheap throwaway buy, so this is mainly from my perspective.

Where did you get the _____ used in your layout?

6 Responses to “FAQ”
  1. Sandra says:


    I found your website yesterday and I just wanted to let you know that I love it! You have done an amazing job with these reviews and swatches, I am very very impressed!

    I just recently discovered the world of indie makeup and your site has helped me so much already. I just wanted to thank you.

    Also, I have a youtube channel with quite a lot of viewes, and I was wondering if it’s okay if I mention your site to my viewers? They always wanna know how I find information, etc, and your site is without a doubt one of the best ones I’ve come across :)

    xoxo Sandra

  2. Bethany says:

    You’ve got one of the best sites around for discovering Indie brands. Like Sandra, you’ve really helped me delve into the Indie make-up scene. Thanks a lot. ^_^
    Bethany recently posted..Lol (Lots of Love) palette in By the Seaside ReviewMy Profile

  3. Saki says:

    Hello! I absoulutely love your blog! I also love Shiro Cosmetic’s blog as well! This is just a quick question but I was wondering if you know/like any asian cosmetic brands? I heard that Japanese makeup is pretty good but really pricey. I love international makeup products a lot but it seems like I don’t see a lot of reviews from blogs. Thanks and your reviews are really helpful. It makes me want to go buy all the products on here ^^

    • Ivy says:

      Hi Saki, sorry for the wait. Unfortunately I’m not very well acquainted with Asian cosmetics, if only because they’re difficult for me to acquire. :( I wish there were more reviews just like you!

  4. Charisma says:

    I stumbled upon your blog after researching on best indie makeup brands. I added you to my favorites. Thanks so much for the info’s you shared. I’m new to beauty blogging but has been a makeup junkie since 12. I do beauty video blogs on YouTube and for the past 3 months, I’m loving every moment of it! Talk to you soon!

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