Review Policy

Standard disclaimer: Unless otherwise specified, all products featured on this blog are purchased with my own money.  I don’t solicit free products for review, nor do I generally advertise the fact that I am a blogger when ordering. I also do not do paid reviews.

Indie Company Reviews

Please note: these are considerations for current and future reviews. Some of my older reviews may not cover all of these points as well, if only because at the time I was still getting my footing.

Each company is reviewed on a scale of 1-10, and considers all products I’ve tried from the company.

  • Is the website/store easy to order from? Is it easy to find info and get a good idea of what the product is like? Are there good product photos and/or swatches?
  • Are the products good quality? Do they match the online description?
    • Eyeshadow: I look for smoothness, softness, pigmentation, and payoff. I assess eyeshadows based on how they perform over primer, as I can’t imagine anyone expecting decent wear even out of the best of eyeshadows without some sort of base.
    • Foundation: I look for decent coverage, wear, comfort, and finish.
  • Is the packaging clear and complete?
  • Is the formula original? Is any repackaging honestly acknowledged?
  • Does the company bring anything unique to the table?
  • Were e-mails/messages (if any) answered promptly and completely? Were any problems solved to satisfaction?
  • Is the TAT reasonable, clearly stated, and honored?
    • Note: I understand the circumstances surrounding indies and longer-than-average TAT’s. I’m sympathetic to the fact that most are one-person operations already working hard to fill orders.  However, in the interest of honesty, TAT’s exceeding 3-4 days will be pointed out so new customers reading my blog know what they’re walking into.
  • Are shipping charges reasonable? Am I paying too much for small orders?

I’m not vegan and I don’t have as many compunctions about certain ingredients (e.g. dyes, carmine, etc.) as some others.  While I will try to point out if a company is vegan or not, I’m not going to spend a lot of time on the subject, nor will it figure into my verdict.

Product Reviews

Individual products are reviewed on a scale of 1-7. Some older product reviews may still use the previous scale of 1-5.

Requesting a Review

If you represent a company interested in a review, please e-mail  If you send free items for review, you accept that I will not hesitate to point out any flaws in your service or products.  Poor ethics or conduct will be publicly revealed on my blog. Please note that I will not accept paid reviews.

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